The Empowered Patient

Raymond Shred, PhD
Registered Psychologist

People rely on our medical system to keep them well and restore their health when they are sick or injured.  The medical system does a good job for the most part. 

Sometimes, things go wrong and there is an "adverse event."  This could be the result of medical error, malpractice, or that the patient's condition was too far advanced to be corrected.  No matter the reason, the adverse outcome will affect the patient.  How the medical system responds will have a positive or negative impact on the patient and will affect their continued healing. 

Understanding the psychological aspects of patients' responses to adverse events will allow the medical system to respond in ways that empower the patient to recover and will avoid compounding the injury. 

On November 7, 2009, I spoke about these issues at the "Empowered Patient" conference.  

Dr Raymond Shred
Registered Psychologist
Nanaimo, British Columbia
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