Dr. Raymond Shred

I have been privileged to live all over Canada.  I was born in Winnipeg, grew up in Montreal, went to Graduate School in New Brunswick, did a pre-doctoral internship in Calgary, worked in Winnipeg and in several First Nations communities in Northern Manitoba.  Then, I lived and worked in Fort St. John, BC for almost 10 years.  When I finally arrived in Nanaimo about 16 years ago, it felt like I was home again. 

I live with my wife (who is a teacher), our puppy, and two cats. My son and daughter are both in university. 

I have worked in the field of psychology for over 30 years and I have been a Registered Psychologist in BC for over 20 years.  My MA and PhD are from the University of New Brunswick.  In the beginning, I specialized in Child Development and have found that background helpful in working with people of all ages.  I have noticed that the adults with whom I work are all former children.   

I like to do assessments of individual children and adults.  Currently, I limit these assessments to issues related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivty Disorder and Auditory Processing Disorder. I am proud to offer a treatment for attention problems that is psychologically based - the Cogmed Working Memory Training program; you can read more about the program by clicking on the link.

In therapy, I help people identify the thoughts, feelings, or behaviour they want to change and help them to find a way to change.  I have found that EMDR and biofeedback are both helpful tools to help people obtain a sense of peace within themselves.  Many issues that bring people to therapy have their origins with how information about past events is stored in the brain. 

We remember events in a variety of ways and some things can act as triggers to recall a particular memory.  These triggers can be words, sounds, sights, voices, touches, or smells.  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is an evidence-based treatment method that can help people to reduce the power of those triggers to evoke negative feelings. 

For your information, I have listed the professional associations to which I belong:

Also FYI, the pictures that are in rotation at the top of each page are of local sights in Nanaimo and on Vancouver Island. Most of the photos were taken by me to show off our local flora, fauna, and geographic wonders.  Nanaimo really is lovely. 

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