Teen Suicide - Bullying

A young man in Nanaimo was subjected to bullying behaviour by his peers and subsequently committed suicide.  His parents wanted to translate their personal tragedy into a preventive intervention for the community.  Their story was featured in the Nanaimo Daily News on February 4, 2010. 

The Empowed Patient Conference

Saturday November 7, 2009 was the start of a new focus on patient safety initiatives in Canada.  A first of its kind conference -- The Empowered Patient Conference -- was held at the Port of Nanaimo Conference Center in Nanaimo. 

Some background information about the conference was presented in an October 13, 2009 article in the Nanaimo Daily News -- Meeting aims to Empower Patients -- on page 1. 

Teen Anxiety

In March 2008, Dr. Shred was interviewed for an article on Curbing Exam Anxiety: Tips to help your teen ease stress.  Dr. Shred said that we tend to breathe erratically when anxious. “A method that will help people get control is focused breathing and relaxation technique.”  The article appeared in Canadian Family Magazine.  

Using Alcohol when Pregnant

On January 15, 2009, SheKnows published an article about the use of alcohol by pregnant women, Drinking alcohol while pregnant: Safe or risky?  Dr. Shred pointed out that there is no risk to a baby if you don't drink alcohol.  There is risk if you do drink alcohol.  The primary conclusion was that any use of alcohol may put a baby at risk.  One consequence of the use of alcohol during pregnancy is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, a very serious disabling condition.  

Financial Anxiety

In the spring 2009 edition of Esperanza, Dr. Shred was interviewed for an article called Anxious Times.  He said, "We should view news reports with a healthy suspicion. He points to the media tendency to saturate us with the most sensational stories while ignoring those with much greater human impact. Immersing ourselves in the news, especially the news circulating on 24/7 channels, can only make things worse for us. Instead, Shred suggests looking past headlines and keeping a long-term view in perspective. “The world economy is in trouble,” he says, “but we’ve been through this before and will weather it again. It will even out eventually…”   

Later Pregnancy

Another story was originally published in the summer of 2009 in Pregnancy Today.   It was called: Preparing for Motherhood: Pregnant the Second Time Around; Pregnant Again When Your Children Are Grown by Shannon McKelden.  "No matter what your challenges, though, Dr. Shred stresses the importance of getting as much support as you can for parenting your new baby.  'Having raised children before does not make it easier to go it alone the second time around,' Dr. Shred says. 'It still takes a village to raise a child even if the mother is older when she starts and has had previous experience.'" 

What we say to our children . . .

Does what we say have an impact on our children?  What kind of impact will it have?  Betty Confidential asked for a comment on a statement that Nadya Suleman (aka the Octomom) reportedly made in a media interview, "I think it was a mistake" to have eight children. 

Dr. Shred said, ". . . while the damage has been done, the important thing is how Nadya continues to treat her kids from now on.

"By the time the child is old enough to understand the statement, they will have had 10 to 15 years of experience living with their parent. The parent will either have done a good job or not. The parenting behavior in the intervening years is the important factor."

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