Protecting your private, personal information is important to me.  There are legal and ethical reasons for this.  My work is guided by the Code of Conduct of the College of Psychologists of BC and the Personal Information Protection Act of the BC Government.  Confidentiality is a central concern of psychologists providing service to the public.   

Personal Information

Personal information is any information that can be used to identify a particular person.  This includes name, address, and telephone numbers as well as other information such as credit card numbers or social insurance numbers. 

What information do I collect?  I am required to keep records of my work with each client.  The record must include: name, address, birth date, and at least one phone number.  Other information is not necessary but helps me to provide better service to you.  This includes information about your doctor, lawyer, or family members if appropriate.  If you pay by credit card, then I need to keep that information as well.


Informed consent is another important principle by which I operate.  I will tell you about the expected positive effects of psychological treatment as well as any known negative effects before we begin treatment.  I will encourage you to ask any questions that you want regarding treatment or the methods being used. 

When you complete forms in my office, I assume that you are giving your consent to record and store this information.  There may be a need for me to share information about your treatment with another party.  This may include a physician, another psychologist, or a lawyer.  Before I provide any information I will obtain your written consent to do so.  I will ask you to sign a form that will state that you understand the nature of the information being shared, the implications for you of sharing that information, and that you agree to its release.  In an emerency situation, I will usually obtain your consent  before sharing any personal information. 

Protection of Personal Information

I use industry standard methods of insuring that I protect your personal information.  Information on paper is stored in locked filing cabinets in a secure location protected by an alarm and other surveillance systems.  Information stored electronically will be stored in a secure, protected system in my office and in an encrypted, secure system if stored off-site.  Only off-site locations in Canada will be used.

Retention and Destruction of Personal Information

I am required by the Code of Conduct for Psychologists of the College of Psychologists of BC to retain records for 7 years after my last contact with an adult client.  For clients under the age of 19, I am required to retain my records for 7 years past their 19th birthday.  My professional executors will maintain the records for the required period in the event that I am unable to continue in practice.  Clients will be informed about the location of their records should it ever be necessary for me to relinquish control of those records.  My professional executor will be a psychologist with the same obligation to protect your privacy. 

Access to your records

You do have the right to see what is in your records.  There are some limitations to this.  Psychological tests are protected and the raw test materials will not be disclosed to clients.  If there is a reason for it, these test protocols can be released to another psychologist who is qualified to interpret them.  In the case of some reports prepared for a third party (i.e., a lawyer or an insurance company), the report will need to be released by them if you need a copy.  I can, in most cases, share the information with you in my office.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Questions?  Contact me.

Dr. Raymond Shred is the privacy officer of the Dr. Raymond Shred Professional Psychology Corporation.  If you have any questions about this policy do not hesitate to contact me.

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